Ecoceanic Swim ~ SEAstainable swimwear line coming in 2018

Ecoceanic x ECONYL® regenerated nylon. It is not just a yarn, it’s a yarn with a story behind. Ghost fishing nets, spent carpets and other nylon scraps are not treated as waste. They are given a new life into ECONYL® yarn. 
With the help of many, from our customers to final consumers and brands, the movement is growing and the story is spreading out.  I have utilised ghost fishing nets found in the ocean and other post-consumer materials, generated into sustainable swimwear. Sustainable meets eco-fashion, the goal of which is to create a system which can be supported indefinitely in terms of human impact/carbon footprint on the environment and social responsibility.
When this fabric tested in real life conditions proved to be two times more resistant to chlorine, suntan creams and oils than competitors' fabrics; these amazing results are achieved thanks to its innovative construction and to the presence of LYCRA® XTRA LIFE™
We need all of you to join. Together we can change the fashion and the design industry and contribute to avoiding wasting more waste 😉
Share & spread swimwear that's good for our oceans & environment 🌏
Reduce, Reuse Recycle.
Zero waste SEAstainable swimwear made from ECONYL® yarn.
ECOCEANIC SWIM goal is to turn the tide on many issues the oceans face including pollution, coral bleaching, shark stigma negativity, fighting for our reef against oil and coal industries, trawlers, plastic, finning industry, marine life extinction and so much more. 
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Learn more by watching this video about the fabric:



Swimwear delay.

Due to personal reasons, the swimwear has been delayed. I have had to take some time out from designing the swimwear due to life getting in the way. I couldn’t thank you enough for your ongoing support, patience and love.
It WILL happen. I guess it’s true when they say good things take time.