🌏🐬🌊 I CARE 🌳♻✅ Proudly plastic free packaging & post!

I CARE🌳 Did you know all of Ecoceanics' packaging is plastic Free? Also everything is reusable and recyclable and can be composted in a backyard bin for your garden.

🌿Boxes are reused and recycled to post your orders to you. I collect them off local business' who would otherwise be throwing them out. Imagine all those trees 🌳 and short lives these boxes would've otherwise had☝️

🌿 Labels are printed on adhesive (sticker like) paper 🙅

🌿Envelopes are made from recycled♻paper.

🌿I wrap all purchases in gorgeous recycled paper wrap and twine string which is also reusable.

🌿Shredded paper is my FRIEND for stuffing instead of bubble wrap (the plastic devil)🙅 #noplastic
Don't want wrap to further safe the planet? Just leave a note with your purchase 🖒 easy done.
Sooo much waste like PLASTIC satchels, BUBBLE WRAP AND STYROFOAM goes into packaging 🙅🙅🙅say no.

☝️TIP: When making an online order through ANY company I suggest you leave a note requesting zero bubble wrap (ask for alternative if required), no styrofoam and plastic free packaging. Reduce waste and REFUSE plastic 😊🖒♻🌱🌳 for a greener planet and bluer ocean 🐳🐢🐧💚