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Whale Ring


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Whale Ring
Whale Ring
Whale Ring
Whale Ring
Whale Ring

Save the whales.

This ring reminds me of the largest mammal on earth, the blue whale. The Blue Whale was placed on the protected species list in 1966 by the International Whaling Commission. When it was determined their numbers were not recovering, the World Conservation Union placed them on the endangered species list in 1986. It is estimated that there are only 10,000-25,000 remaining.

Whales inhabit every ocean on earth. The only known enemy of any whale species, other than killer whales, is mankind. Whaling as a commercial industry began several hundred years ago, but it has only been in more modern times that hunting has caused a major impact on the population of many whale species. This is due to bigger and faster ships and enhanced hunting methods. Although commercial whale hunting is now banned worldwide, the extent to which some species were hunted caused devastating impacts to their populations, some nearly to the point of extinction. There are still some countries wishing to lift the ban on certain whale stocks for hunting!

This beautifully crafted whale ring will be wrapped around your finger ready start that conversation for your love of whales whilst spreading awareness of these beautiful creatures. In many countries whales are still hunted for their meat, oil 

As much as our whales love the ocean, its best to keep this precious piece out of the water.

Adjustable for any size

Material: Zinc Alloy

Perfect gift for a marine biologist, conservationist and ocean lover.

 🐚All rings come in complimentary shell ring box❣





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